Bryan Alan


Bryan Alan is an American musical artist from Sacramento, California, born June 1, 1986. He first made his musical debut as a solo artist in the spring of 2004. Never putting his full focus into his solo career, Bryan played in a number of Rock bands such as These Dying Days, Project Lost, Scarlet’s Sonata, Astill, and If Looks Could Kill.In between music projects Bryan would write his own songs and self-released music via the internet. Bryan’s debut release was in 2004 with an EP entitled Promises which consisted of 6 original songs and 1 cover. In 2006 he released 7 Track with his first notable single, “Baby Tonight.” After several years of playing in various bands, Bryan released his 2011 EP, 2011 Sampler, which appeared on his website as a free download. In 2012 Bryan released his second single, “Somewhere Down The Road,” with a music video that followed in April of 2013.
Bryan Alan made his first television appearance in 2004 on Roseville Rocks that broadcast live to homes all over California’s Placer County. In 2010 Bryan opened his own recording studio. He engineered a handful of albums and produced artists such as Elle Rahimi and Fashion City Scandal.

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