Josh Pray

Every entertainer has an aim to be the most prolific, well known and original individual of their time. Josh Pray is a bit different. Although his aim is to stand out and apart from the rest of his peers and predecessors, Josh has made it a point of his to remain classical and “throwback”. Hailing from the very small, yet nationally known, town of Immokalee, FL, Joshua has become a household name both nationally and globally. With his comedy ranging from clean to adult, there are very few situations that and scenarios where Joshua can not bring laughter and positive energy into the room. Being that Joshua identifies himself as a personality and not just a comedian, he has separated himself from those whom are in the same field. In regards to entertainment individuals, Joshua likes to give thanks to Benji Brown, Don Rickles and Jim Varney as well as his personal favorite Martin Lawrence for inspiring his brand of comedy.

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