Kaela Nommay

Kaela NommayKaela Nommay is an artist from San Antonio, Texas and moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina in May of 2016. She is an adjunct professor at 2 different universities in Fayetteville: FSU and FTCC. She received her MFA in ceramics from the University of Texas at San Antonio in May 2016, and her BFA from the University of the Incarnate Word in 2013, also in San Antonio, with a double concentration in ceramics and painting.
Primarily her work recreates observations from everyday life, and since her move to North Carolina, she has had a new influx of inspiration with this new landscape. Having trees all around, a river a few feet from her balcony, and experiencing the changing seasons, gives a new source to observe the relationship between human space and nature. The bright colors that are found in her work are inspired by fashion and interior home trends.
When creating either a ceramic piece or a drawing, I think of the relationship betweenKaela Nommay human constructed space and nature, and how both sides are affected. The ongoing push and pull for defining whose space is where, this ambiguous gray space, is what I am exploring in my current body of work. Often, I reverse the roles of animals and humans to lighten the mood and create an absurd and humorous experience of the animal’s displacement.
The scenarios that they are found in are recreated from my everyday observations and experiences. Whether it be from a phone call with my mother, catching a snippet of a conversation, a funny scene I see idly walking by strangers, these small moments stick with me. Mundane moments are what I believe make life interesting and separates each day from the next. But these small moments are constantly in flux, much like defining Kaela Nommayour space apart from nature with roads and structures, as we are constantly restoring areas and adding new ones.
The patterns that are found in my work are common to home interiors such as wallpapers, fabrics, and pillows. Integrating patterns that are commonly found in the home suggests the presence and influence of the human figure. On a formal level, this flat space contrasts and balances the more rendered areas and forms. I use these formal elements to lead the viewer’s eye throughout the artwork, directing it to other significant areas of the composition. The arrangement of lines, animals, and other imagery, are inspired by the narrative structure of comic books to give the artwork a cohesive visual readability.

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