TereLyn Jones

I began my dance journey ministering dance in church at the age of seven. I never knew the opportunities that would be presented by this gift, at the time, all I knew was I loved it. I loved the rhythm of the beat that synchronized with my heart, and the way my body articulated the feelings felt through the music. I desired to explore more so I attended Tri-Cities High School Magnet Performing Arts searching to enhance my knowledge about dance. I was unsure if it was a career option, but my parents were extremely supportive which encouraged me to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts- Dance from Howard University. During my study at Howard University I centralized my focus on mental, physical and spiritual development as an artist, and was influenced and inspired by some of the industries greats. With the assistance of instructors Dr. Sherrill Berryman-Johnson, Mama Akua Kouyate, Pat Thomas, Sandra Fortune Greene, Katherine Smith and Baba Assane Konte, I was able to obtain my Bachelor Degree and was immediately offered a contract with the world renowned Garth Fagan Dance Company. While there, I learned how to fly. The opportunities availed during this time were phenomenal. I was able to work with Wynton Marsalis, Jesseye Norman, William Chapman Nyaho and debut in a world premiered duet in the Piece, Madiba: a tribute to Nelson Mandela, which, received a number of outstanding reviews. But it didn’t stop there, I began to branch out into the commercial industry and danced with Anthony Hamilton on TVOne’s television special One Christmas. I also performed in a production sponsored by the Smithsonian where I was privileged to work with the dynamic choreographer Ray Mercer. All of these opportunities didn’t happen by chance or luck. I believe faith without work is dead, which is the principle I practiced for the duration of undergrad. One day, I took a chance and flew to Germany to audition for Disney’s Tarzan. This show was inclusive of aerial work, dancing and acting. I wanted it. So I went for it, and was casted as a dancer and aerialist. I love culture and other perspectives of life so I thoroughly enjoyed living in Germany. I was able to travel throughout Europe, explore and grow. As an artist, I love giving back to the community. I have traveled to schools and nursing homes to inspire others through the arts. I have reached out by continuously speaking at school events and creating dance workshops for churches and under privileged communities. I am greatly humbled and appreciative for the many opportunities the the Lord has allowed me to experience. While this journey offers boundless opportunities, I strongly believe that wherever I go, I will serve as an asset bringing an open mind and a trained vessel ready to accept the challenges and deliver artistic excellence.

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