Margaret Dukeman

Wide open spaces in Iowa fed my creativity growing up. Feeling the energy of the big skies, massive blowing winds and the bending of crops over the rolling hills drew me to landscapes. My representational & post-impressionist style is generated by strong colors & visual textures. While a sense of life & energy are brought to my landscapes utilizing contrasting colors. Even small spots of color can create a big bang, some of my favorites are oranges and purples. Mud from a creek by my childhood home brought some of my first attempts at creativity. Mud turtles were created and then baked by my Mother in the family oven. I was sure pottery was my calling. After attending Iowa State University & obtaining my BFA in Graphic Design, I turned to a more technical way of showing my creativity. In 2010 I actively returned to my passions of painting. I’ve had solo exhibitions in both Ireland & the United States, with both public and private works hanging in Ireland, England, Norway, Germany & the United States. My latest adventures have been 6-8 week residencies in Ireland each year. My love for Ireland began as a birthday gift to my Mother to see where our ancestors emigrated from. Little did I know just how it would fill my soul! I love its rural landscapes and peaceful feelings you get walking the countryside and sitting on rocks as the tides go in and out. While there I create watercolors and photograph for future creations back in my home studio. Feeding Off the Roads Less Traveled – My Inspiration comes from the back roads where my soul-filling creativity blooms. Paintings are born where life has slowed to a snails pace. A measure of comfort comes from the predictability of a line of weathered fence posts, one after another standing securely as generations of my past. Being able to explore the land, meet the people and experience the daily “grind” that instilled determination, courage and perseverance into past generations brings me fulfillment. This is what I seek to express through my artwork. My passion for the land can be seen through a strong , rich color palette which unites the mountains and valleys. Being a good steward of the land makes me relate to the mountains that cradle the valleys as they appear to be guardians of the lives so richly lived there. Coming from generations of farmers for whom land is sacred, my need to be one with the land runs deep. My devotion to it can be seen in the beautiful vistas, relaxing waters, animals and crops, all working in harmony through textures, colors, sounds and life-giving properties. My desire is to share the elegance of living a life through the simplest of pleasures. I take notice of the “weed” flowers, intense color of the sky and the mountainside breezes that kiss my face as I gaze into the distance. Simplicity is anything but ordinary: it can be exceptional and bring a heart-warming calmness which is expressed in my work. My hope is that my work brings you the same tranquility for your life.

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