Beth Suter

Meet Beth Suter. Beth is a watercolor artist, full time mom and lover of the outdoors. She is also a member of the Swell Artist Collective- a group of accomplished contemporary artists in Boise, Idaho. Growing up in Idaho has greatly influenced Beth’s work. She is inspired by tall pine trees, rivers, mountains, animals, open skies and motherhood. Most days you can find her painting with her 2 little girls out of her Boise based studio. Beth believes the everyday moments in nature can be extraordinary if we take the time to stop and appreciate them. Using vibrant colors and a loose painting style, she captures these scenes and gives them a magical feel. “It brings me joy to create. It uplifts my spirit. I hope my audience has that same experience when they view my paintings.” Her works range from funky illustrations, to loose realism, to intuitive impressionism. Her goal is to connect people through her artwork. Beth prides herself in painting colorful, quality pieces. She loves to add design elements such as bright colors, symbolic images, quotes, and poetry to create a meaningful piece of artwork. Her clients have commissioned art for their homes, cabins, and office spaces. Others have commissioned paintings to give as a gift for special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary, or birth of a child. “The tailored pieces are endless. Everyone has a story. I love helping people tell theirs through paint and pencil.” Giving back is an important component of Beth’s work. Beth recently partnered with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance in Boise to help collect food donations for the shelter.

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