Daniel Borup

The Nationally Recognized Sculptor, Daniel Borup, grew up in the small town of Meridian, Idaho, where he learned to love art from his older siblings. Daniel’s passion for art only grew when he went to college. This is where Daniel was introduced to figure sculpting. He instantly fell in love with sculpting and hasn’t put down his sculpting tools since. Years of work and development has awarded Daniel with honors and awards as well as the honor of creating public art sculptures for various locations throughout the country. Daniel now lives in the quiet rural town of Shelley, Idaho with his beautiful wife and three daughters. In addition to sculpting, Daniel loves to teach art and help others cultivate their own creative skills. Much of the work Daniel creates is inspired by the relationships he has with his family and students. I strive to make my work come to life. I want my figures to look as if they feel emotion and could walk right off their pedestal. I have spent years studying anatomy and sculpture so I can more accurately render the human figure in all of its many gestures and expressions. This work pays off as the viewer connects emotionally or spiritually with my work because of the life I have given it. I portray positive and inspiring messages, which speaks to viewers in an honest way at a deep, emotional level. Every figure starts with study, whether it is studying a model sitting in front of me, pictures of clothing and hair styles, an anatomy book, or a person’s life and works. I know a sculpture is done when it has a life of it’s own, when I can feel it’s presence sitting in my studio.

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