Richard Jimenez

Growing up in Boise and son of a chef who imparted the value of being self-reliant, Jimenez knew at an early age that he wanted to cook. At 15, he stepped into his first job as a line cook and hasn’t stopped cooking since. In his 20’s he began managing kitchens and deepening his knowledge of flavors: their intricacies and complements, their inconsistencies and conundrums. His love for innovative flavor profiles and learning the fundamentals of his craft inspired him to work at top restaurants in the Boise area before moving on to LA and San Diego, all the while seeking out demanding mentors in the form of world-class chefs who challenged him to constantly be at the top of his game when it came to French and European cuisine. Never one to settle in his comfort zone for too long, two years ago Jimenez met a chef from a prestigious 1 star Michelin restaurant in Thailand that taught him the exotic flavors of not only Thai cuisine, but also Japanese. Today, Jimenez weaves together all that he’s learned to create one-of-a-kind flavor profiles that are as enthralling as they are unique in what can only be described as progressive avant-garde cooking with sophisticated, worldly influences.

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