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I love the ocean and rock and the coast. The freedom the sea lends to us, while we gaze out onto the waves til the horizon. Born in Marblehead MA. I have never lived farther than a five minute walk a way from the water. Having been an artist for all my life, I need to create and be making something since I was a child. The art room, I have always loved to be, spending all my free time with some great teachers and friends for life. I attended Massachusetts College of Art in Boston from in the 80’s in Boston. As a Ceramics major, I learned how important the process and steps of making art are fundamental in what I want to say and how I say it. I studied glass blowing for 2 years alongside making large scale clay sculptures and story telling pottery. I moved to Key Largo in 1986 and painted and set up a ceramic studio in my home. I developed my own personal path as a painter once I left college, a path I have followed confidently until today. in 1992 I moved back to my home town of Marblehead with my daughter Nadine to work for Julie Keyes Designs, Signature Pottery, as a designer and then Production Manager. After Julie relocated to New York in 1995 I officially started the Artful Dodger Pottery, Murals, and Tile showing and selling my work in Galleries all of the country primarily through the George Little Management Handmade in America wholesale Market which was infiltrated with pottery imports in the late 90’s. During this time I also did custom tile and murals throughout historic homes in Marblehead. After many years of selling in Craft Shows across New England I retired the pottery business. For the last ten years I have been painting in my private studio. Recently have been Plein Air Style, paintings of watercolor, as well as, a series of gelatin mono prints accented with pen and ink detail.

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