Lo Artiz

Lo Artiz is an independent artist from Miami, FL. At a young age, Lo was enamored by the voices of Aretha Franklin & Etta James. Soul became her foundation as a vocalist. Growing up, she heard a variety of music such as Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, or Frank Sinatra blasting from her dad’s suburban. She was instantly in love with all genres and all things music. She began playing piano and composing music at the age of 7. The moment she first set foot on a stage when she was 10, and belted out “Respect” by Aretha Franklin at her school’s local carnival talent show, she knew she wanted to be a performer. Lo, coming from a family not knowing much about the industry, made her start in the music scene by uploading cover videos to Youtube. She began teaching herself how to play the guitar at age 11, and learned a variety of songs which she would cover and then upload to Youtube. With no guidance, she began recording and editing videos on her own, which led to over thousands of hits. In 2012, Lo released her first free mixtape. She produced and recorded her first mixtape, “Introductions”, which was released on Soundcloud on September 24, 2012, her 18th birthday. The mixtape included cover songs and a few original debut songs. She provided all accompaniment and production. Introductions sparked Lo’s interest not only as a musician but as a producer as well. After “Introductions”, Lo released her first EP “Ready, Set” on June 11, 2013. The EP is filled with a reggae/pop influence providing positivity and light. She collaborated with Ultra Pop Studios in North Miami Beach and worked under the guidance of engineer, Manny Galvez.
After her EP release, Lo wanted to expand her sound and felt she needed to do some exploring with her music. She hadn’t quite found her sound yet and decided to take a break from releasing and recording music, and began to write for different genres. She began experimenting with indie alternative music and became inspired by vocal arrangements and production.
Lo released “Why Do You Love Me” on September 1, 2015. Lo wrote, arranged, and co-produced the song with the help of engineer Manny Galvez, and producer Tony Noriega. Her debut music video found on Youtube, was filmed and edited by Andy Ryan Flores, an incredible videographer and visual artist from Miami. After the release of “Why Do You Love Me”, Lo met a group of musicians whom she found an inexplicable bond with. They inspired her to go back to her Soul roots and develop her artistry as a vocalist, songwriter, and arranger. She began gigging around South Florida with her new band whom she refers to as her ‘brothers’. Turning quite a few heads, she starting making a name for herself in the music scene in Miami. After completing an Associates in Arts at Miami Dade College in Jazz Vocal Performance, Lo transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where she lives now. She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree as a Performance Major at Berklee. She has been performing around local venues and festivals in South Florida, as well as the Massachusetts area. She began writing her new EP in the Fall of 2016 and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. Not only was the project funded, but the goal amount was exceeded thanks to an incredible and supportive community. She is currently recording and preparing to release her new music in Fall 2018. Lo’s single “Wild Woman”, released October 26, 2018 is available now on all digital platforms.

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