Van Brockmann

Van Brockmann Van Brockmann was born in Fort Worth, Texas on April 10,1988. He was adopted on November 22, 1996 to a couple both of whom are Episcopal Priests in Maryland. At age 10, he began acting in church plays and christmas pageants. While acting in church plays, at age 13, Van received private flute lessons at the Wilmington Music School in Delaware. He continued acting and playing the flute through his years in middle and high school. When he was 19 years old he still continued acting and playing the flute at Cecil College in Maryland. The major he was pursing was something that was not related to his desire of being an actor on films, thus he stopped going and immediately went full head on pursuing his dreams. Van moved up to Massachusetts in May 2011 where he landed his first film gig in less then 24 hours after moving. Two months later he landed his second film gig.

Eventually he saw this as an opportunity, so he went full throttle. After entering into the film business in 2011, he has been involved in 20+ projects within a short amount of years. He demostrates strong full on potential against all odds to show that he has what it takes to make it in the film business. Van goes on to try and help out other actors that are struggling to find work. He has been mentioned in local newspapers, and is known in the New England Film Industry. “No matter if you’re the underdog, you have the ability to conquer the impossible” Van Brockmann (born Van Thanh Pham) was born in Fort Worth, Texas on April 10, 1988. He was adopted at the age of 8 1/2, and grew up in Maryland, the son of two Episcopal priests. He currently lives in Scituate, MA. Van Brockmann began his acting career performing in Nativity Plays and Passion Plays at his parents’ churches. He continued to explore theatre while attending Cecil Community College after high school, where he also played flute. His experience included roles ranging from background roles to lead roles in both major and independent films. Having been involved in 30+ films since 2011. Van Brockmann is a rising star in the New England.

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