Hailing from the landscapes of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Rock/Jazz & Americana artists BadCameo have been hitting the ground running in the music industry relentlessly since forming in 2017. The band is well known for their multifaceted sound, with influences stemming from Funk, Jam, and Jazz. All of that is wrapped up with a tight and versatile Rock sound that gives BadCameo a style that is fresh, authentic, and attention-grabbing. On October 13th, 2017, they released their debut single on Spotify and quickly began to garner critical acclaim and positive reception among fans, landing on a Spotify “Fresh Finds” playlist within a week. The band performed on a very prominent live radio spot December 15th, 2017 on WHUP in Hillsborough, NC. Shortly after, they released their anticipated follow-up single for their fans to indulge in, with an active show schedule to follow suit. As BadCameo continues to climb their way to the top, be sure to connect with them on their official social media and music streaming platforms for booking, contact info, news, events, and all things that surround the band.

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