Nicole Defilippis

Nicole DefilippisI’m a photographer based out of Chicago, Illinois. I specialize in family and children portraits. I’ve just recently discovered my love for shooting weddings. I have always loved photography and bought my first SLR (big camera) in 2006 to further pursue this passion. I taught myself how to use by taking pictures of everything I could in every type of lighting condition. Landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, sunsets, sunrises, you name it, I was taking pictures of it. At the endNicole Defilippis of the day, my favorite pictures were the ones that I took of people. One day, a friend of mine asked me to take pictures of her and her sisters for a Christmas gift for their parents. Well another friend saw and wanted some too, then another friend, then a friend of that friend and so on and so forth which brings me to where I’m at today. What I love most about taking photos are the moments that are captured.

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