Peter Gubernat

Peter GubernatI’m a Chicago wedding photographer specializing in documentary photography and epic wedding portraits. I combine my background in wedding photojournalism with a love for unique, fresh and beautiful wedding photography. I want to give you a mix of candid moments and art you can hang in your home. Though based in Chicago, I travel the country and the world for several weddings a year. I balance my documentary style wedding photography with a relationship based approach that allows me to capture amazing wedding portraits and candid wedding photos. Most importantly I want you to know that your wedding should not feel like a photoshoot and you should have fun while letting the events of the day unfold. Read more about my approach and style here and on my Chicago wedding photography portfolio!
I’m the photographer, editor, emailer, marketer, deliverer (In charge of delivering your photos). I do it all. From the first moment you inquire with me to the time your photos Peter Gubernatare delivered – you deal with me, directly. I don’t outsource any part of my business. For the majority of the wedding day I focus on telling a story while gently guiding you – I’ll photograph everything. I want the viewer of your photos to FEEL what it was like at your wedding, not just see. Then, during portraits, I give plenty of direction because that’s where my vision comes through the strongest. Once we get to the reception, all bets are off – I shoot like crazy because it’ll be a crazy party! You’ll see photos of moments you had no idea happened.
The right mix of professional and personal. I can be serious or goofy and strike up a conversation to make everyone comfortable. I’m outstanding at making sure everyone and everything important is photographed. I always tell a story – I try to create powerful Peter Gubernatand emotional images that bring you to that moment each and every time. I know how important candid moments are but also love traditional photos (family formals) because grandmas love to see you smile. It’s about being real and having real moments photographed. When you’re having fun and are at your best, surrounded by friends and family; this is my time to be a storyteller and to document your wedding. This is my time to give you images that no one else can.

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