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Kattie is often asked, “How long have you been doing makeup?” It’s easier to ask her how long have she hasn’t been doing makeup!
Kattie’s obsession with makeup began at the tender age of 13 while looking at a Cosmopolitan magazine. She recalls quite vividly seeing a beautiful woman on the back cover with a smoky eye and bold red lip. Upon finishing the magazine, she remembers asking her mom who “Elizabeth Arden” was and how long she’d been a model. After a chuckle, Kattie’s mother replied with “Elizabeth Arden is not a model, it’s a makeup company.” After months of begging, pleading and being a nagging teenage girl, her mother took her to an Elizabeth Arden makeup counter for her first smoky eye and mild, very mild, bold lip.
Right then and there, Kattie found her first true love.
As the years passed, Kattie practiced on many faces and learned different techniques by reading books by famous makeup artist and searching the web. After a failed interview with MAC Cosmetics, Kattie quickly began a career with Clinique. Working for Clinique cosmetics was a great experience and opened a new world to her, skin care. Kattie was trained to work with all skin tones, types, ethnicities, and ages. By 2008, Kattie moved on to work for the Mother Company of most brands; Estee Lauder. At Estee Lauder, Kattie had the privilege to learn about advanced skin care, aging, and a broader spectrum of mature makeup. A couple of years past and she wanted to take another shot at working for the ultimate makeup company, MAC. Upon a successful interview, Kattie was hired on as a freelance makeup artist for events.
In 2010, Kattie gave birth to her handsome little boy and left the makeup industry for a more lucrative corporate office position. She hasn’t felt right since.
?After months of deliberation and mulling over the opportunities available to her through different channels, Kattie has decided to dedicate her free time to her first love, makeup! Kattie is available for various on-site makeup artistry needs, including bridal and wedding parties, special occasions and photo shoots. Through her training and experience in the industry has made her an expert in creating a flawless look for your special day.

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