Daren Bulow

Daren BulowDaren is a comedian/humorist whose comedy reflects the way of life for many that are hunters, fishermen, & dog owners and the spouses that put up with them. I grew up in St.Ansgar Iowa. I am a Hunting and Fishing Addict. I started fishing while still in diapers and was hunting and shooting by age 6. It is my passion and my life. I moved to Wyoming in 1987 to go to the University of Wyoming getting a degree in Biology in 1991. I have worked as a chemist since 1991, with short stints in sales and database engineering. I have been married to Christine since 2002, I always say she is the only person I could find to put up with me. I have not had children, as most people would say that’s a good thing, since the world couldn’t handle any more like me. I am a crazy dog person. I have 2 German Shorthaired Pointers that I use for bird hunting.
I also have 2 miniature poodles, who think they are hunting dogs, and howl if they are left home when I go afield. I had been telling the stories of my life to my friends for years and making them laugh, so it was just natural to get in to comedy. But how do you become a comedian, I started reading books on comedy writing, they say that you mustDaren Bulow write comedy so I have about 150 pages of written comedy. You also must perform, so I was involved in Toastmasters for several years to improve my speaking and stage presence. I have also learned to be an auctioneer. I have performed at Casper’s got talent and have been Master of Ceremonies at the Audubon Banquet in Casper for the last 3 years and have performed at back yard BBQ’s in Casper. But the highlight of my career was placing 2nd at a poetry slam at Metro Coffee Company, beating out an 80 year old women and a 12 year old girl to get 2nd place.

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