Hannah Greene

Hannah Greene is a composer, pianist, and vocalist residing in Denver, Colorado. History, 2D and 3D art, poetry, writing, and nature are things she enjoys and uses as the inspirational foundation for her works. A strong emphasis on narrative and story telling, while exploring the various depths and complexities of the central emotion as it unfolds through action is at the heart of the work she enjoys composing music for. With a broad spectrum of interests, Hannah has written music for individual instruments, small ensembles, full orchestra, commissioned work for musicians, choirs, multiple stage theatre productions, documentary, and film. With 10+ years studying piano and performing as a vocalist in multiple choirs, Hannah has also participated in a Jazz Ensemble and North Indian Classical Music Ensemble giving her a vast array of experience in different musical styles. Hannah has experience composing, creating parts, score supervising, and recording for the large ensemble of a 110-piece orchestra, which was then recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is familiar with both USA and European standards of recording and performance practices in the music industry. Hannah has worked as a transcriber, recorded Jazz piano for a production at the BETC (Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company), and worked as a Score Supervisor. She enjoys transcription and orchestration, as well as score editing and supervising. Many prominent professionals Hannah has worked with include studying piano with Alyson Hayes-Myers, Dr. Grace Asquith, and Hsing-Ay Hsu. During her Bachelor in Composition she worked with Dr. Chris Malloy, William Hill, and Leanna Kirchoff. While studying in Ireland, Hannah had the pleasure to work with leading industry people such as Andy Hill, Garry Schyman, Richard Bellis, Christopher Young, and Conrad Pope.

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