Tony Milici


Tony Milici is a contemporary mixed media artist, glass sculptor & painter. He combines elements of rock, marble & steel with glass to create sculptures that are dynamic and thought-provoking works of art. Milici is renowned for his abstract artwork which is collected world wide by prominent private collectors, corporations & celebrities. His monumental art projects stand as a testament to his creativity & vision, reflecting the brilliance of his imagination and skill. He uses contrasting textures of polished, sculpted and faceted glass to bring forth a natural movement in form and dimension. With a background in lighting, Milici feels that “Glass is the perfect canvas for light, it increases the emotional and visual impact of my work”.
Milici’s monumental public art has contributed to elevate works in glass to a new plateau. Creating the worlds largest free-standing glass sculpture has been a pinnacle in a career spanning over three decades. “The versatility of my medium has allowed me to create unique sculptures for indoor and outdoor environments. The innovative use of new and traditional techniques in glass has inspired my work in architectural art and custom furnishings. By expanding the potential and application of glass it becomes part of the architectural character around it. There is an inherent stength and elegance in glass that I am naturally drawn to”.
Milici’s contemporary Paintings are abstract expressionistic with imagery expressed in compositional rhythms of color and veiled representational forms. Milici continually pushes the boundries to create historical works of art with lasting substance and meaning – to intrigue and capture the imagination and heart of the viewer.

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