Laramie is a captivating indie rock band with roots in Memphis, Tennessee. The group is a diverse combination of multi-talented musicians and writers guided by lead singer and songwriter, Laramie Renae. Jameson Patz is on drums; Dylan Wheeler is on guitar; Ben Banti is on keys; and Caleb Crouch is on bass. Rather than being hindered by a challenge, Laramie turns diversity into one of their strongest qualities and uses it as a tool to write dynamic works of art. Band members are given the freedom to express their individual creativity and craft while staying true to the group’s underlying message and overall sound. With each song, Laramie aims to leave a lasting impression and to draw the listener in for a ride that promises to be haunting, raw, and transparent. Following their formation in May of 2013, Laramie composed and recorded their debut album, The Good Men (EP). The album was released in November after a successful crowd-funding campaign through the global network, Indiegogo. The record is silhouetted as an ideal mix of ambient and indie rock. After five years, Laramie Renae has successfully finished her fourth EP “Rather Be”, set to release in January 2019. The record was recorded at the historic Ardent Records (Big Star, Led Zeppelin, Issac Hayes, ZZ Top) in Memphis, and was mixed and mastered by James Joseph. Lyrically and musically, Laramie finds inspiration in artists such as Florence & The Machine, Stevie Nicks, and Led Zeppelin. With undertones from those artists and others, Laramie writes freely and passionately while producing gripping performances straight from the heart. Their music is often described as dramatic, chilling, and eerie. Laramie Renae explains, “Sometimes my music will make people’s skin crawl, which makes me laugh. It’s all simplistic… nothing we do is very complicated, just intricate.” These elements leave the listener mesmerized and eager to hear more. Renae often envisions cinematic scenes while writing and creating the music and lyrics of each song, aided by her love/hate relationship with synesthesia. With stories fashioned into songs brimming with emotion, Laramie aspires to continue being a voice for those who haven’t yet found theirs and an inspiration for the silent to speak up and share their own story. Each phrase passionately expressed and every melody thoughtfully written serves to erode the pain that conceals the hearts of many. Her work has the ability to leave you feeling unsettled and at the edge of your seat, but only because honesty and reality in their truest forms are hardly ever pleasant. Renae notes, “People are living without their happy endings and need someone to say, ‘I see you and I understand.’” Their newly released singles “Nicotine” (September 14th, 2018) and “‘Til My Bones Rattle” (October 31st, 2018) precede the EP “Rather Be”, which will be available on all streaming and downloading platforms worldwide January 2019.

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