Mike Dees

Mike Dees is a Singer/Songwriter from Memphis, TN. A prolific purveyor of Southern-fried power pop and veteran of many bands, he recently struck out on his own and hasn’t looked back since. Whether playing solo acoustic or with a full-on rock band, he always delivers heartfelt (if slightly acidic) lyrics and ragged jangle rock. Imagine 1970’s AM rock (Neil Young, America) mixed with British Invasion and Power Pop (Big Star,Teenage Fanclub, Gin Blossoms) filtered through a ragged dose of distorted bliss (Soul Asylum, Husker Du, Guided By Voices). Like a candy-coated razorblade, these pop gems slide down smooth before the internal bleeding of emotion sets in. With these sugary bitter-pop nuggets, you can’t eat just one. Mike has released an EP in 2007, Buried, and a full-length album in 2008, Unearthed, both from Door 23 Records. His new album, “Something Like Glitter” will be released in 2013. He also has songs on all five CD releases from Burning Sky Records (including Beautiful Escape:The Songs of the Posies Revisited, which made music critic and International Pop Overthrow founder David Bash’s Best of 2008 list.) In 2008, he was voted in by readers of the Memphis Flyer to play the Memphis Popfest and appeared on a limited-edition single from Goner Records commemorating the event. Watch for upcoming tracks on “Starry Eyed: The Records Tribute” from Australian label Zero Hour and “The Rock On The Road Tour” from Pop Garden Radio.

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