Da’Ville a.k.a Turii Maysun

Orville ‘Turii Maysun’ Thomas, aka Da’Ville…lifting you higher forever! Da’Ville is a highly professional and tenacious artiste that is on a mission to disseminate love, peace, hope and happiness throughout the world. Only a few of his contemporaries can rival his relentless commitment to reaching these goals, consistently. He has an indescribable ability to deliver some of the most skilfully crafted and intricately woven lyrical compositions and melodious masterpieces that always find their way to the seat of the soul. Born Orville Thomas on January 24, 1976 in Kingston, Jamaica, he is the first child of Nkrumah “Jah” Thomas and Claire Wright. Orville was raised by his grandmother, Ms. Fema. He was strictly disciplined for most of his childhood years, and his grandmother made sure that the singer attended church and sang in the choir. It was there that he first realised his deep love for music. As a child, he looked up to his father as his first inspiration for choosing to do music. Nkrumah Thomas, who bears the moniker, Jah Thomas was already a known figure in the reggae music industry. With a number of notable songs to his credit, Jah Thomas also owned and produced records for the legendary Midnight Rock label. The label delivered many household reggae hits for other iconic international artistes over the years. But, it was the fledgling singer’s unfettered access to numerous recording studios as well as being around some of the notable acts on whose many musical projects his father had worked, which became one of the main catalysts that helped to inspire this artiste in the making. Turii Mason aka Da’Ville – lifting you higher forever!
Known professionally as Da’Ville and more recently, Turii Mayson, the entertainer is a consummate singer-songwriter and record producer, who aims to lift his fans higher forever. He started his professional music career in the early 1990s as the lead vocalist of the now defunct reggae group, ARP (A Raw Perspective). During his time with the group, he recorded and performed a series of noteworthy hits including, “Girls Dem Cry,” “Song For Mama” and “Really Want You” among others. In 2001, Da’Ville left ARP and signed with Penthouse Records as a solo artist under the management of Donovan Germain. For the new label he recorded the hit singles “Cruzin”, and “All My Life”, the latter of which was recorded with then label mate, Marcia Griffiths. As 2005 stepped in, Da’Ville took to the studio and began to write and produce his own music. His first self produced album titled “In Heaven” was released in that year. The album charted within the top ten best selling reggae albums for Japan Tower Records for that same year. As a result his first album success, the Japanese music company, Avex Group released his second album “Can’t Get Over You” in 2006. The albums included three successful singles – “In Heaven”, produced by O. “Da’Ville” Thomas and N. Palmer for Nap Musiq, “Can’t Get Over You” and “On My Mind”, produced by O. “Da’Ville” Thomas and J. Brown, was released on his own indie label Fashozy Records.
Da’Ville had a very good year in 2006, as the singles “Can’t Get Over You”, “On My Mind”, and “This Time I Promise” all became chart toppers. The single “Can’t Get Over You”, which was a top ten hit in Jamaica, was number one on the reggae chart in Aruba and number two in New York. It was eventually included on the VP album, 2006 Reggae Gold. “On My Mind” held the top position on several charts including in Jamaica (5 weeks), New York (3 weeks) and Florida, Europe and Africa. In December of 2006 Da’Ville was honored with the Stone Love Singer of the Year Award. “Always on My Mind”, was then remixed with Dancehall artist, Sean Paul. It was not long before the record was sitting in the number one position again. Da’Ville has worked with a number of other recording companies during his illustrious career. These include Ki/oon and Sony Music (Japan), VP Records (Indie) and Global Merchant Music Group LLC (Indie). He has earned endorsements from Nike (Japan), Nesta Clothing (Japan), Mizchif Clothing (USA) and Cooyah Clothing (USA & Jamaica). Da’Ville has been busy touring on and off since his last album release, lifting his fans higher forever.
In 2017 the “Always on My Mind” singer decided to change his name to Turii Maysun; a decision that came about as a result of two major events that impacted his life in a kind and loving way. The singer explained that after the birth of his sons between 2013 and 2015, fatherhood had really given him a new outlook on life. He chose the new name to pay homage to his sons, Thor and Mason, hence, Turii Maysun.
Presently, Turii Maysun is busy in the studio working on tracks for his next album, which will see the first single being released early 2018 along with an accompanying video. Turii Maysun is very excited about these new songs slated to come out. The artiste has promised that lots of great things can be expected from his new ventures. “Like all things in life, my music must evolve and I definitely think it has. Just expect great music as usual; just expressing myself the best way I know how. Then, I will leave it to the supporters to decide the rest,” he reveals.

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