Shari Latz Rothman

Shari Latz Rothman? is a professional harpist. She performs extensively throughout the Twin Cities and teaches students of all ages and abilities. A versatile musician, Shari has recorded with Prince, the National Lutheran Choir, MacPhail’s Early Childhood Music program, and the Los Angeles-based rock band, The Velvet Chain. She has also performed with the Los Angeles Master Chorale Sinfonia Orchestra, Johnny Mathis and Celtic Thunder. Shari was featured on Aveda Institute’s Global Network Tribute to Horst. Rothman performs regularly throughout the Twin Cities with choirs, orchestras and chamber music ensembles, as well as at weddings, parties and community events. Shari has been teaching harp for 25 years. She joined the faculty of MacPhail Center for Music in 2003. She teaches individual lessons in the studio and uses Skype to teach students all over the country. She also teaches students in her private studio. She is Co-Director of the Arpeggio Harp Ensemble. Rothman holds a Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance from the University of Michigan and a Master of Music in Harp Performance from the University of Southern California. The recipient of a USC graduate teaching fellowship, she taught and performed professionally throughout Southern California for ten years before moving back to Minnesota. Shari has served as President of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Harp Society and on its Executive Board.

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