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Joseph Allen Wooten (keyboardist, writer, arranger, producer, educator, motivational speaker) is a 3-time Grammy nominated artist who has been the keyboardist for The Steve Miller Band since 1993. He is also the brother of bass player Victor Wooten, (5 time Grammy Award Winner) Roy Wooten, (5 time Grammy Award Winner) ( Futureman, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), and Regi Wooten.
Born to Dorothy and Pete Wooten, Joseph is the 2nd youngest of 5 Wooten Brothers, all of whom are musicians.
Joseph’s early elementary school years were spent with his siblings playing nightclubs and sharing the stage with Curtis Mayfield, War and other major artists of the time as “The Wooten Brothers”. In the ’70s there were more major artists to share the stage with; The Temptations, The SOS Band, Stephanie Mills, Dexter Wansel, Ramsey Lewis, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly and others.
As the ’80s arrived, the brothers caught the ear of the popular R&B artist/producer Kashif where they recorded an album entitled The Wootens for Artista Records. Joseph’s unmatched talent and undeniable groove landed him the position of band leader, musical director, and keyboardist for Kashif. During that time with Arista Records, Joseph also sang back ground vocals for Whitney Houston on her debut album, as well as Kenny G. Joseph contributed numerous compositions on two of Victor’s Grammy nominated CDs. During this time, when the family moved East, Joseph and his brothers had a residency at Busch Gardens, where Joseph honed his skills not only as a keyboardist, but, as an accordion player, arranger, and composer as he composed over 40 pieces for every individual cast member.
In ’93 he became the keyboard player/vocalist for the legendary Steve Miller Band, playing large venues around the world, and where he has remained for 18 years. When not on the road with the Steve Miller Band, Joseph is a part of an elite group of hand picked musicians called Freedom Sings, organized by the First Amendment Center in Washington D.C. presenting a multi-media experience celebrating The First Amendment and free expression. He also serves as keyboardist to his brother Victor, in between breaks from his extensive travels with Steve Miller.
When he is not traveling city to city, Joseph can often be found speaking to college students, high school and middle school students, about character development, self esteem, self respect, and personal growth using his own life experiences as examples.

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