Taking pride in lyrical prowess is the school in which A.B. (formally known as Abyss Da Dark) was brought up in. Engaging in cyphers and battles was a means to sharpen one’s blade as well as gain notoriety. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, A.B. is no stranger to proving oneself a capable wordsmith in huddled groups of emcees and spectators. Differentiating himself by mixing humility and honesty with his aggressive delivery, A.B. commands attention and respect. Since 2014 A.B. has performed consistently at a slew of venues and festivals. From SOB’s, Smash Studios, Long Island University (LIU), Fordham University, Brooklyn Bazaar, Blackthorn 51, the Brooklyn Music Festival on Governors Island, the International African Arts Festival in Commodore Barry Park and the DreamOn Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. He has also opened for Joey Bada$$ at Public Assembly and for Nitty Scott, MC at The Paper Box. With the release of his Appreciation Day EP, A.B. continues to carve a path through heartfelt performances and emotion filled lyrics. Armed with an undying passion for music and a solid team, A.B. has no plans of stopping.

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