Justin Morelli

Justin Morelli was born to sing. As a child, Justin was inspired by his parent’s love for the greats like Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder. He could usually be found singing along to the stereo playing in the New York City apartment where he was raised. An athlete and a devoted sports fan, Justin was obsessed with playing and watching sport, excelling at basketball and tennis from a young age. Justin’s love for music and desire to perform began to become a reality when he was introduced to the music of his current idols, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and eventually, Chris Brown. Justin carried his core interests with him throughout his early life and into adulthood. At the age of 13 he began to experiment with vocal lessons leading him to begin performing for girls as a way to impress them. As the son of a prominent Manhattan attorney, he idolized his father and was tempted to follow in his footsteps. Justin decided that after college he would go to law school and begin his journey of practicing law. However, while in law school he continued to dedicate his time to vocal lessons. Exhausted with the burden of taking vocal and dance lessons in between his grueling law curriculum, Justin decided he was going to focus all of his energy on perfecting his craft as a musical artist. With his new career path, Justin knew it was time to bring his decision to his parents, hoping for their blessing. To his surprise, they were completely supportive and urged him to follow his dreams of becoming a performer. With his family’s full support, Justin began networking within the music industry, eventually leading him to LOUD Records co-founder, Rich Isaacson. Quickly recognizing Justin’s ambition, focus, and raw talent, Rich connected Justin with some of the best up and coming writers and producers in the industry, including Rob Knox (Justin Timberlake), T. Coles (Chris Brown), Sam Hook, J Hart and August Rigo (Justin Bieber) among others. Working with some of the industry greats gave Justin the necessary tools he needed to develop into a singer and songwriter, ultimately leading him to the next level of his career. In the summer of 2016, Justin wrote his original song, “Stay All Night,” which through his network, reached the ears of Latin producer Boy Wonder (The Chosen Few) and his protege Papi Wilo. Always looking for new sounds, Boy Wonder knew the second he heard Justin’s track, that he wanted to do a Reggae-ton remix to combine the Latin sound of Papi Wilo with Justin’s urban leaning pop sound. The two quickly recorded a remix for Justin’s “Stay All Night.” The record immediately reacted with Papi Wilo’s fanbase. To date it has received over 2000 spins on Latin radio, reaching the top 25 on Billboard’s Latin Tropical Chart in late 2016, while the music video has surpassed 2 million views on Youtube. Bouncing off of this success, Justin Morelli gears up to release his debut EP titled, Bedtime Stories, which includes Stay All Night, as well as 7 other original songs, written and performed by Justin. Justin has made it his goal to use his unrelenting passion and unique sound to become one of the best that’s ever done this and he will not stop until he gets there.

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