Clarissa Mercado

Clarissa Mercado is a well prepared Makeup Artist and Educator. Born in Aguadilla Puerto Rico on April, 21, 1980 and raised in Isabela. Clarissa has been in the Beauty industry for more than 17 years and through this time she has been getting continuos education starting as a cosmetologist she decided after more than 10 years of experience was not enough, by 2010 she decided to study nail technician, and updated herself on cosmetology but this time she on an advanced class.
Clarissa was determined to pursue her dream and right after finishing the advance course on cosmetology she enrolled on Profesional Makeup classes, combined with other classes with other professional makeup artist on the industry. Wright after Hurricane Maria Clarissa was forced to leave everything behind and move to Orlando Florida where in order to work in what she loved she had to be a Full Specialist Esthetician, despite the language she enrolled at collage to not just Esthetic but also for makeup just to keep herself up to date, it was a challenge but Clarissa overcome the obstacle in front of her and by July, 8 , 2018 Clarissa graduated with Honors from both Full Specialist and Makeup Artistry. After graduated Clarissa have taken classes with other makeup artist but this time world wide. she brings what she has learn to the table on the Makeup Classes that she offers for now at Orlando and Kissimmee but only God knows where she is going to be. The Sky is the limit.

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