Val Rossman

Val RossmanVal Rossman has been working as a professional artist for over 30 years. During her career she has had more than 21 one-person shows and been in numerous group shows in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida and New York. She has won several prizes, including the Award for Excellence at The State Museum of Pennsylvania, and at the Cheltenham Art Center Annual Painting Show. In addition, she has been on the faculty of Main Line Art Center for the past 22 years as a teacher of abstract art and now teaches at Wayne Art Center and Woodmere Art Museum. She has lectured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and done a workshop at the River Arts Center in Vermont. Her work has also been seen on Bravo Cable Television.
Rossman’s work has been collected by both individual and corporate clients in the U.S. and abroad. Some of these include Blue Cross of Greater Philadelphia, AT&T, United Pacific Life Insurance, MasterCard International, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank, Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and Hebrew University. Val Rossman has been creating drawings and paintings in her studio in Philadelphia for the last 30 years. Her work has gone through various stages, however, her wonderful sense of color combined with a lyrical and often whimsical mentality have always infused her drawings with a lush and personal aura. The combination of rich and unexpected hues and gestures with sometimes questioning formats give the work an unforgettable presence.
The quote above was written over 15 years ago and still holds true. After 30 years of continuously creating art I often wonder what new insights I bring to my work. I tell my students that we each have our own ”circle” in life. As we grow and have many experiences we venture out of our personal circle, but always return to make our circle deeper and more varied; there are additions, ruts, grooves, colors and marks that enhance one’s space. My art is a chaotic blend of chance and careful planning which isVal Rossman an apt metaphor for life. Each painting or pastel drawing is a map leading to an adventure of color, mark, and space. The making of the mark whether expressive, aggressive, lyrical or exuberant is crucial. There are references to nature but my primary interest is in capturing the feeling. I embrace the unpredictable interferences as interruptions to the luscious color and controlled lines. Taking risks as part of my creative process energizes my work and keeps it fresh and exciting.

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