Pat Stacy

Pat StacyWhile Arizona painter Pat Stacy has always felt drawn to art, her road to creativity has been a long and winding one. Unlike many artists who can point to pivotal moments in their childhood or an inspirational mentor early in life, her pursuit of art is borne of a lifetime of experience with the human condition. Her powerful, mystical work touches viewers at a deeper level; Pat speaks to the spirit, painting beyond what she sees. Her work has evolved to include symbols and spiritual imagery. “I intuitively know from my experiences that there are many realities I do not see,” Pat says, “and my art began to touch viewers at a deeper level. I would have people see my work at a show and tell me that they felt something powerful emanating from the imagery—or that they find an energy in my booth.”
Pat’s subject matter draws from or is inspired by ancient and native cultures. Some of the symbols in her work come directly from native art, while others are her own creations, an artistic mythology that helps Pat convey her artistic vision to viewers. “I often have a figure in the painting with a diagonal line to the shoulder,” Pat explains.Pat Stacy “That figure I call an ‘Entity’, and the diagonal line represents the light of the Creator coming into the painting – my “thank you” for being allowed to create the painting, and my acknowledgment of where all creativity comes from.” Over time, she has developed a symbolic language which she uses in her work. “Another symbol I have for the light of the Creator is descending squares,” she continues. “I have one or both of these in every painting, sometime very visible and sometimes somewhat hidden. I also use a spiral somewhere in most of my paintings.
This represents the journey to the center of being for me, the quiet where we rest, regroup, and journey out to the world again. It is my hope that the viewer will develop interpretations of the symbols and make them own.” Pat’s current body of work is done on four wooden panels held together with dowels.She calls this type of piece a “Quadruvium”, meaning a crossroads where four roads meet. Pat creates the heavily textured paintings by building up layers of acrylic paint and employs crackling techniques to give the surfaces depth. Despite being relatively new to the art market, Pat Stacy has developed a strong following for her work. She shows in galleries in Scottsdale, Sedona, Pine, and Tubac Arizona as well as in Moab, Utah. She has collectors across the Pat Stacynation and internationally as well. Her husband, Loren Anderson has been a staunch supporter of her newly launched art career.
He constructs her Quadruvium blanks, helps her prepare for and set up shows, and handles the paperwork of the business. “I feel like everything in my life has been preparing me to create the art I’m creating today,” Pat says. “I’ve learned through the many life crises that I have experienced or seen that life can be difficult, but also incredibly beautiful. I would like to encourage people to find beauty, hope and meaning in their lives—and let art help guide them on the path.”

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