DudleyDallas Tanner Lee
Dallas, the guitarist and lead vocalist, has been playing the guitar since his freshman year in high school, and singing for a mere year and a half. However, he has been writing lyrics for as long as he can remember, and writes all of the original lyrics for Dudley’s songs. While his father is his main inspiration when on stage, the inspiration for what he writes emerges largely from the experiences that he has been dealing with, and what life has taught him so far. He loves to keep songs positive and uplifting for people who listen to them, because he loves life and feels that everyone else should too!
Kory Lowell Cook
Kory, the drummer, has been playing for about 15 years. Incredibly enough, he is self-taught and has never taken any lessons! He received his first drum kit for Christmas when he was 15, an affordable PDP EZ 5 setup for $300. He now plays PDP Concept Series Drums, and gets his inspiration from his idols Travis Barker and Steve Smith. HeDudley also likes to play the guitar and piano, and has even contributed some of the guitar chords for a new song the band is currently working on.
Lydia Beguelin Hunt
Lydia, the manager for Dudley, used to play the flute in Junior High School. Other than that, her musical talents are limited to singing and minimal guitar playing. Her artistic endeavors are more tactile in nature, as she loves photography and baking. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in animal science, and currently works for Colonial Life as an accounts executive. When not managing managing the band, you can find her out on adventure with her other half, who just so happens to be the drummer for Dudley!

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