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I am an adventure wedding photographer based in northern California, but my work takes me everywhere around the world, even to Mt. Everest. I’m an Instructor at a photography school online, a speaker for seminars, workshops, and other events. I work hard to produce high quality images for my couples, shooting nearly 40 weddings in a year. I look to capture the beauty and awesomeness of my couples and their wedding day, just as I do climbing high peaks around the world. I learned the camera training for dangerous high altitude mountains, like Alaska’s Denali and Mt. Everest, in order to capture the intimidation and incredible beauty of what I saw and felt. I love simplicity and sophistication at the same time.
My style infuses wedding photojournalism documenting a couples story naturally, yet with a creative approach, sometimes even epic. My wedding couples love the natural feel to my photography, and I have a way of working with couples to bring out their best. Much of how we document a wedding day is built around organic and candid moments, recording the laughter, tears, humor, the quite moments, the prayers, and expressions of your special day. We love to photograph kids, your families, grandma and grandpa who have been married 50+ years as an example, and whom are dancing together on the dance floor. We attempt to document the special moments. However, when it comes to the bride and groom’s alone time, every photographer has some involvement in directing, including us. We hear couples tell us repeatedly they are not photogenic, nor good at posing. It’s okay, we’re not looking for posers. Many of these same couples are featured on my website, my blog, in national and local wedding magazines, and on front covers of wedding magazines. We have a great balance of capturing your wedding day as it unfolds, as well as directing you in the most lovely and creative way.
I am a manly family man who loves the wilderness. I have been married to my lovely wife Kelly for seventeen years, with three wonderful daughters. I value time together as we grow in our faith, marriage, and family. I love reading, exercise, playing a mean guitar, hiking and adventure. Most of my life has gravitated towards the creative and artistic interactions, from acting, bands and to photography. I also love reading (Philosophy, History, Photography, Business, autobiographies, and the Bible) and I have a library in my home. Most importantly, I value the rugged man who

died for my offenses, Jesus. Because of Him, I’m a different man today, and I wouldn’t be where I am currently. I am also a driven visionary. I work hard. I love working with people, truly, and I value relationships. I’m easy and relaxed to work with on your wedding day, yet I am focused. All of who I am spills over into my style, pushes me to be the best and strive for greatness and creativity in my photography.

I travel often throughout California, out of state, out of country, and I am available for a limited amount of destination weddings per year. I would love to be the first photographer to shoot a wedding on the moon (if you’re interested). I hold a current passport for international weddings. Please contact me for more information.
I use all the best gear necessary for my style. I have used both Canon and Nikon cameras professionally, and I feel Nikon gear rules, which is why I switched from Canon in 2011. I have and use much of the best cameras and lenses and I’m constantly upgrading, along with backup cameras, flashes, strobes, all the best and latest software and fastest hardware, macbook pro, iMacs, ipad, iphone, iwhatever, and other assistance to get the best images.


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