David L. Robertson


Photography consists of a series of choices, some as simple as which direction to face or how close to move to the subject, and some as complex as setting white balance and depth of field. Depending on the choices made, two photographers can come to the same scene and generate significantly different viewing experiences. What I attempt to do through my choices is focus attention on some aspect of a much larger visual environment, to have the viewer see the scene as if for the first time and to see the beauty often inherent in the ordinary.
My interest in photography began in college, where I had access to a black and while darkroom. Focusing on black and white during my “formative” years as a photographer caused me to pay particular attention to texture, shape and composition, skills that I have transferred to my current work, which is comprised almost exclusively of color prints.
For the last several years, I have concentrated on the importance of light as a separate component of a completed image. While strong composition is critical to the final print, the quality of light in the image is what separates a competent print from a special print. The quest continues.

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