Kainan Becker


Kainan Becker B. 1977 is a Northern California Artist working with mixed mediums and found art. He has found inspiration both in the real world, as well as in the work of such artists as Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Cremean and William De Kooning. The discovery of these great artists helped him on his path to uncovering his own voice and style.
His pieces capture the raw, unfiltered human condition. Each piece is a multi-dimensional look into his subject matter, a mixture of paint and texture worked into both sculpture and canvas. His work is filled with a raw, almost visceral passion, bringing a focus on the subjects that most of society discards as the unwanted, the decayed and long abandoned. His art finds the beauty in the imperfection, in the dirt and fading paint, in the sweat earned lives of the working class. There is a bit of chaos in each piece, a chaos rigorously controlled to channel into something that is no longer simply a collection of inanimate objects and lifeless canvas, but a living, almost violent symphony of pure emotion.
Kainan began showing in 2011 with his first collective event in El Dorado Hills, CA. His work has since been shown across the state, most notably at the Urban Abstract Map Gallery in Auburn, CA (2012), the Temporary Contemporary Gallery in Del Paso Heights, CA (2013), ‘Layers’ at the SMUD Gallery, Sacramento, CA (2014), ‘Variations on Abstraction’ at the Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA (2015), ‘Stop Stigma’ inside the California State Capitol, Sacramento, CA (2016) and most recently at ‘Art Street’ in Sacramento, CA and in the ‘East Meets West’ show at the Jolie Gallery in Shenyang, China.
Kainan continues to push his art into more avenues, always experimenting in the abstraction, bringing a new look at micro sculpture and micro canvas paintings. His goal is to never stop pushing the boundaries of his art and the borders of his subconscious.



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