Sonya Fe’s letter to Sacramento Art’s Community.

The art world in Sacramento seems to me to be rather rigid, stuck in the past. Yes, I know that some artists there are having success, but for the most part, I have found that the people with power that are in control of the art world want safe art which can be quite boring and uninspiring; the most defining disconnect is that they themselves are not artist. They don’t take chances with new ideas. Sacramento, the capitol of the seventh largest GNP in the world, California has a vast group of talented artists who aren’t given the opportunity to showcase their art because they aren’t in the main stream of what SACRAMENTO wants. Consequently, diversity in the arts is not represented.
The Sacramento community has many talented artists who are Hispanic and Black, yet these artists talents are seldom showcased. Why is that? When the Latino artists cry out to show their works, those in control of the art world respond with showing the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) art as if this resolves the issue to show Chicano art. The Sacramento community has some great artists, giving the opportunity and publicity they can rival the giants of the art world. Let me give an example, take my Sacramento art experience, I had been trying to have a show at the Crocker Museum since 2005. No such luck, instead they suggested I teach a workshop for children for free. I come out here to Las Cruces, New Mexico and in less than a month, I have been asked if I would be interested in having a show at one of their Museums.
My art appeared on the cover of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Las Cruces Bulletin. Could it be that Las Cruces, New Mexico knows more about art? Furthermore, I have sold works to Hollywood celebrities; actors Cheech Marin, and CCH Pounder. I have been published extensively in magazines, and you would think that Sacramento would invest in claiming Sonya Fe as one of their very own. There are so many of us living there. I know a very talented artist, Shonna MCDaniels, who is tirelessly fighting for more Black artists art to be showcased in SACRAMENTO. This courageous woman has been advocating for Black art for years and still you don’t see any Black images anywhere, not even hers. The art world in Sacramento is for White male artists, who are stuck in New York 60’s. Sacramento has the potential to be a great art Capitol, with the diversity of so many ethnicities to share their art, can you imagine the impact it could have on our culture?

– Written by Sonya Fe

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