Anne Burtt

Anne BurttThe direction of my life was set when my father was recalled to active duty in the Air Force in 1962 when I was five years old. My family moved from a farm in “small town” Indiana to Tripoli, Libya and thus began a lifetime of travel. After spending my early years living around the world as an Air Force brat, I attended Indiana University, graduating with a Forensic Studies (criminology) degree. A year later, I followed in my father’s footsteps joining the Air Force as a criminal and counterintelligence investigator. After a rewarding 20 year career, I retired and cultivated my creative interests.
I initially focused on art glass as my medium of expression. Over the years, while growing as an artist, I find myself restless and interested in stretching my creativity andAnne Burtt exploring many different mediums. I have found my individual style and I am very content in my life. Color, depth, dimension and creative use of multiple materials best describe my art. I explore the textural surfaces of multiple materials, creating designs that are tactile and expressive, many times enhancing the interplay of light with glass. At the present time I find myself focusing on creative art for walls and pedestals. My attention to the surface of my pieces results in art that can be viewed from different angles.

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