Jenny Miller

Jenny MillerThere are so many things I love about being a San Antonio Photographer that services San Antonio, Houston and surrounding areas. Babies grow fast you know that because everyone tells you that, how many times are you sitting somewhere and think “I just wish I could freeze this age”? Well you can, I mean not literally but you can freeze that milestone, age or family time in a photo. That is why I get giddy every time someone chooses me to photograph their brand new 6 day old newborn or their 6 month old little one that can sit on their own or the whole family together showing how much their middle school kids have grown.Jenny Miller
I love capturing happiness like watching how your little one smiles if I say that one word that only you know (but let me in on without them knowing), seeing their face when I know what TV show is their favorite, what are their favorite activities, or even their best friends name; those moments are what I want you to remember forever. Sessions aren’t just “a session.” It is me hanging out with my new friends that I will hug at the end of our session. With families we will run, dance, and laugh; in a nutshell we will enjoy and capture that moment. I will talk, laugh and hug your little ones.
For newborn sessions I come to you so I can cuddle your little one in the comfort of your Jenny Millerhome while mom and dad have some time off as I capture their brand new bundle of joy. Just a bit about me I am a longhorn and Texans fan…I love watching football! I talk A LOT and might act a little nutty at our session but I promise it will be fun and you will love every minute of it. I am also a single mama to my 3 kiddos who you will see in here a tiny bit. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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