Gabriel Conover


My name is Gabe and I like to party.
I am a husband and a father. I say that first because my identity is found in my family. My wife, Michelle, and I are MIDDLE SCHOOL sweethearts. Crazy right? We have had this awesome opportunity to LITERALLY watch each other grow up. Like what?! Who does that? Together we have a 2 year old son named Elijah, and a brand new baby girl named Everly. However, Eli wants us to call him Macaroni and Cheese Chicken and to call our daughter Sweet Potato Pie. I don’t know… I can’t explain it to you.
I want to tell you something. And this is the truth. We all have SO much fun together! And if you’re here, I’m guessing that you are at the beginning stages of wedding planning, which means the you are at the beginning stages of your growing family. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! Why did you make the decision to get married in the first place?! It must be because you have found the person that you want to experience everything with. You have decided to become a forever team, which is so hard for everyone since we are naturally so incredibly selfish. But you’re doing it! So give your teammate a high five for me and yell “We got this Love Muffin (or whatever it is you call each other)!”
Real talk. Getting your photos taken is weird! I hated it when the school photographer would tell me to tilt my head 2 inches to the left. Like, what is that?!? Nah man, I’m not about that. I want to inspire moments and capture the way you would interact if I was not there. What’s your idea of the perfect date? April 25th? That’s the day before my birthday. I think I was meant to tag along. (excuse the Miss Congeniality reference)
Just look at me as your overly interested third wheel. It’s really about the two of you but sometimes you’ll throw a joke out my direction in order to make me feel like a part of the team. Then I’ll just tell you about how disgustingly cute you are. I am so so SO interested in who you are! I thrive on meeting new people and learning unique stories from different backgrounds and cultures. Just ask my wife! I come home from every engagement/wedding and tell her about how on your first date, you had to pee but their were no restrooms close by so you went out to find a secluded area but ended up tumbling 100 feet down a cliff and had to be airlifted out of a ravine and to the hospital. Sorry for the super run-on sentence but this is a true story from one of my couples! I know that your story might not have gone exactly like that. I want to know how you met each other at a bar (or on tinder) and that the rest is history. I have the incredible opportunity to learn about you too! And I am BEYOND excited! I want to capture the next part of your story in it’s entirety!
You may be reading this thinking, “man, this is a little much, I dunno…”. But I do want to promise you one thing. I am a man of my word. Your experience with me will be nothing other than exciting. To me, however, professionalism is all about upholding promises and delivering exactly what you say you will deliver. This is about you, it is not about me.

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