Richard Becker


Richard Becker was born and raised in Los Angeles where he explored his creativity through photography, literature, and motocross racing. Becker began his career in the sciences, graduating with a Master’s in Engineering from Stanford University and obtained several patents. Becker credits his artistic awakening to a three-year assignment in Europe. While living in Barcelona, Spain and traveling abroad he began to pursue his passion for the arts by blending the arts and sciences.
Becker has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions and has been a technical collaborator with several institutions, most notably The Getty and The Tate. He has been commissioned to create monumental works of public and corporate art as diverse as the POW Monument at the US National Cemetery, portrait busts for The Emmys Hall of Fame, a heroic stainless steel Mercury for the Los Angeles Athletic Club and a bronze sculpture of Homer Simpson for Fox Studios. An elected member of the National Sculpture Society, Becker was awarded their Edward Fenno-Hoffman Prize for uplifting art. Becker’s current works explore commissioned art, his iconic Tot series sculptures, Pop balloons and cloud paintings. His home and studio are in San Diego, California.

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