I have been a makeup artist in and around the San Diego / LA area since 2004, but my work has taken me all over the state, country and even abroad.
Over the years, I have been lucky enough to work on a number of high end projects in the fashion, beauty, bridal, commercial, and editorial sectors. I’ve also worked with Oliver Tolentino Couture on the shoot for his latest line of couture bridal gowns, the ‘Bachlorette’ Emily Maynard, and even Crystal Harris, the Twins and Hugh Hefner for Playboy.
Even though I’ve done a lot of exciting work on various projects, I always found myself being excited and very strongly drawn towards bridal makeup for real brides.
This is where my true passion lies, and is why I’m now concentrating on bridal makeup. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than working with brides on their big day and seeing their excitement at their transformation.
My inspiration is to enhance beauty naturally. I believe that beauty first comes from within and it’s my job to complete the picture by making my client feel beautiful on the outside.
My first experience with makeup began when I was in middle school. Whilst I was young I was pretty much obsessed with dance. Anything related to ballet, jazz, lyrical, hula, Tahitian, tap and Filipino folk dance was practically my life.
So naturally makeup came almost second nature as I was responsible for my own ‘stage’ makeup.
When I wasn’t dancing I was begging my after school teacher to let me make her over. And without fail, every day after school I used to dive into her makeup case and see what new and interesting ideas I can come up with. I instantly fell in love and appreciated the application of makeup on someone other than myself. To practically transform someone with something as simple as makeup amazed me.
As I got older it seemed that makeup took a back seat to life. Although I still appreciated the art I never pursued it. It wasn’t until 2004 I started to truly engulf myself in the art. As I grew in the industry I was exposed to new and exciting things. I met inspirational people and picked up tips and tricks that helped me grow.
And it was at this time I looked at makeup in a whole new light.

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