Bruce Harman

Hi! My name is Bruce Harman, thank you for visiting my site! I am a painter living in Santa Cruz, California. My journey as an artist started when I first picked up a pencil and found drawing to have magical properties… I would draw small conveyor belts with stations along the way. What went in one side came out the other changed: magic! I promptly lost interest in all the other subjects my teachers wanted me to learn. My B.F.A. at Philadelphia College of Art was in Printmaking, where I focused on drawing, mainly through wood engraving and stone lithography. After graduating, I moved to California and became absorbed by Eastern thought and spiritual studies, while working as an illustrator. During meditations I started receiving startlingly clear visions, flashed to my inner eye. This made decisions on what to paint much easier! The airbrush was my tool, and I dedicated the next few years to gaining some proficiency with it. The early paintings are all about glowing energies and astral delights. The illustration work taught me a great deal about painting (and deadlines)! After a number of years, I felt ready to make the leap, and took up traditional easel painting. Although I’ve been painting for more than 30 years, I still feel very much the student. The long years of working with acrylics for health reasons have evolved to using oil paints without solvents. What a wonderful difference! This most traditional style of applying paint to a surface is still the most delightful. The paint seems to obey the idea I have in mind, and it all goes smoothly. Now my time is divided between easel painting, printing and framing and the occasional mural. It’s a great privilege to be able to do this work full-time, making art for my family of soul-friends.

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