Flesh Weapon

The San Jose based music group Flesh Weapon consists of four official members: Ryan Brindle (Lead Guitar), Paul Dommert aka Paulie Gone (vocals / midi instruments), Jason Franks aka Nos LeRatZ (vocals / midi instruments), and Todd Graham aka Toad (vocals / guitar).While rigid in it’s focus, Flesh Weapon remains flexible in it’s approach. The ensuing musical landscape is one that defies, yet encompasses many genres. The group seeks to permeate all media, thereby creating an audio-visual experience spanning many different textures. Flesh Weapon is an entity that is seen with the ears and heard with the eyes. Flesh Weapon (FW) has been in existence for approximately 3 years. During that time the trio spent many hours behind closed doors at their studio fleshing out ideas and developing the foundation for what it has now become. In an effort to showcase their technical prowess, the group has constructed a live performance rig encompassing live guitar, midi, and Ableton Live to re-create their intricate sound in front of a live audience.

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