Former Columbia Records recording artist, vocalist, actor, model, dancer, entertainer, producer, is a role model hall of fame inductee. A. J. SR. has worked with major artists such as Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nippssi Russell, Richard Pryor, Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Debbie Allen, Alice Stuart, Nubian Dance Theatre, Katherine Dunham Dancers, Cossan African Dance Troupe, plus many local artists. A.J.SR attended Dozier and Dewey Elementary, Enright Middle, Soldan and Webster High Schools. While in high school A.J. SR studied dance with Dunham and became the featured male actor and dancer for B. A. G. (Black Artist Group). He also studied music and vocals with Vernon Nashville and Ernest Young. They along with three other vocalists became Mother’s Children, the Revue with Casey and The Matadors.
A.J. SR and Mothers Children left St. Louis and signed contracts as Gateway, with Columbia Records. While signed to the record company, he was involved in a car accident, which took him two years to recover from. During that period, he decided to go back to school and attended schools in California. After that, he returned to St. Louis, attended Webster College and Webster University, where he wrote and acquired a Bachelors as well as a Masters Degree and began using his talents to help adults and children alike. A. J. SR has worked as Media Specialists for the St. Louis Public Schools (City and County), Outreach worker with Human Development Corporation and as an A.V. Administrating/Director for the Missouri Botanical Gardens various organizations.
You can catch A. J. SR. around town with The Caesars, Lenny Klinger’s Galaxy, and his band A J S R w/Mother’s Children.

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