Brayden Patterson

Brayden Patterson is the stage name for actor Brian Newman, who is an actor in the St. Louis, MO area. He started his career very young as a background actor in a Christmas play put on by his church. Ever since then he had decided that acting was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Brayden had thrown the idea around to his parents and other family members who were skeptical, but somewhat optimistic about his chances of becoming an actor. He then decided that once he graduated high school he would go to college to be a police officer, just in case the acting career didn’t pan out.
The first big step Brayden had taken to really get the ball rolling was going to an audition for a talent agency. His first audition went well and he got accepted into the agency as an actor. He then was enrolled in professional basic acting classes at his new agency that he did while he was starting at his new college. He wasn’t with the agency long before he was asked to attend iPOP which is the “International Presentation Of Performers.” This would mean a trip to Los Angeles, CA to stay in the Hyatt Regency Hotel for a week and attend the iPOP conference. The offer was extremely exciting, but since it would have costed Brian about $5,000 to attend, the offer had to be rejected.
Brayden has since been cast in a independent feature film called “Hercules: The Brave and The Bold.” The film is currently in production and Brayden is playing a lead role in the film. The film has also gotten Brayden an opportunity to be on television. The Mayhem Network is starting a new tv show by CAW Productions called “ThriveTV,” and Brayden along with some fellow cast members will be on one “ThriveTV” episode promoting their film.

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