Lyrika Holmes


Internationally known performing artist “Lyrika Holmes” is an African-American recording artist, R&B singer, harpist, songwriter, actress and teacher. Lyrika was born and raised by her parents in St. Louis, MO. Being part of a family in which everyone breathed music like air; it was no surprise that she too, would be inspired by the arts. Lyrika started playing the piano at the age of 5. In junior high her parents encouraged her to step out of the box, and play something different, this is when she made the switch to harp. Since that day, Lyrika has been strumming away into the hearts of many with her unique style and sultry voice. Lyrika has performed for numerous events and occasions around the world, including her most recent excursion to Shanghai, China. Lyrika has shared the stage with many phenomenal artists such as: Aretha Franklin, Howard Hewitt, Paula Michelle, to name a few, and recently r&b artist Joe, Laura Izibor and Phil Perry. Classically trained with a Bachelors in Music Education from UM-St. Louis and her Masters Degree in Music Education from the University of Memphis, it is true that Lyrika is dedicated to her profession and growth as an artist and an educator. Influenced by phenomenal singers and songwriters, Lyrika’s voice is distinct, with a combination of Lauryn Hill, India Arie, and a hint of John Legend but with an electric harp. Lyrika’s playing style uses a mixture of R&B, EDM Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz. When you put those singing and playing combinations together, you get a sound unlike any other! With the recent release of her hit albums “Mixed Emotions,”……. “Lyrika’s Harp” (acoustic cover tunes)… and hot hip hop single “Attention Remix,” Lyrika is sure to show a side of the harp that is all her own, which promises to captivate and soothe the mind, body and soul.

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