Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton, owner of Zaximo Studios, is a contemporary glass artist. Her passion for botanicals and oceanic sea life lends itself to a collection of glass forms that celebrate complex layering of form, space and shadowing. Their format and design pay homage to the stratified components found in natural sea life and horticultural beds. Michelle describes her glass compositions as sculptural vessels. They investigate motion of wind and water combined with flowing configurations and radial symmetry found in botanicals and sea forms.
The translucent and opaque colors are used to create loft and additional depth that not only celebrates the alluring draw of glass but also creates the illusion of a new material that softens with a skin like quality. Michelle’s award winning art has been feature in magazines, books, in national shows and is found in both corporate and private collections. She was named as one of the international faces in “emerging ideas in new glass concepts and construction” at the Bi-annual Bullseye show in Portland Oregon. Growing up in St. Louis and then Chicago, Hamilton attended Miami University and earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Art Education. Michelle then moved to Santa Fe, NM. There, she soaked in the traditional Native American clay techniques as well as a concentration in the aesthetics of the supple curves found in Georgia O’Keefe’s flower series. In 1987, Hamilton moved to St. Louis to begin her Master of Fine Arts in ceramics at Washington University were she was introduced to glassmaking. Since that moment, she has been enamored by the complex, optical, brilliance of glass. Michelle uses both her technical and conceptual knowledge of clay and glass in her work today.
Michelle loves to share her knowledge, skill and artistic vision with many. She has taught at numerous art institutions, universities and educational platforms. Her fervent dedication and veneration for the arts is shared with her students, it is something she takes great pride in. They become part of her family as she helps to guide them through their own journey and self-expression with clay and glass as a medium. Finally, Ms. Hamilton is a small business owner that not only runs a successful private glass and clay studio for her own work but has created a mobile glass studio. She provides classes and hosts glass workshops for both adults and children.

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