Nathan L Henderson


Native to Brownfield TX, Nathan L Henderson, now residing in Mid-Missouri, has served on the board of directors for theatre companies and has been acting for well over 17years. With performances ranging from Stanislavski-like childhood shows in his grandmother’s living room, musical roles in Broadway Revues, leading roles in live theatre such as Willy Wonka in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, as well as the Honorable Dr. Benjamin Carson in HERO’s “A Salute to Black History” and recently television commercials and infomercials as well as screen acting roles as Mr. Venture – FATIH CASE 4 and roles in upcoming Feature Films. Nathan’s passion, and love for acting as a profession, propelled him to start a Murder Mystery Dinner theatre troupe, “THE SPICY PLAYERS” which in 2010 lead to the founding of his entertainment and acting education company, MIRRORLAMP PRODUCTIONS LLC. Originally founded as a dinner theatre and home school theatre arts class provider, Nathan has begun the transformation of MirroLamp into an ACTING ARTS Training Center and Agency. In 2012, Nathan was signed on as a professional acting talent with Images/Powers Agency of St Louis, MO, and continues to educate himself in the arts and act EVERY DAY. Nathan L Henderson has dedicated himself to the cause of making the world around him better by continuing, as he says, to “LIVE life, LEARN life, TEACH life!”

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